The low temperature cooking help to tenderize less expensive cuts of meat especially when on a budget! It also brings out the flavour in foods and helps with digestion.

The use of our sense of smell can really help the digestion process by producing saliva that is used to moisten foods. Saliva also contains carbohydrate enzymes known as salivary amylase which is used to break down complex carbohydrates also known as polysaccharide (starch) into smaller chains. Saliva secretions contains 98% water with electrolytes, mucus, glycoproteins, enzymes and antibacterial compounds. The starch becomes simpler sugars when acted on the saliva and further break down while in the small intestines, to glucose, a monosaccharide also known as simple sugar.

When we use ready meals, takeaways or any processed foods that does not involve cooking from scratch we lose the amount of saliva produced which in turn can affect the digestion process that begins with the nose! The smell of home cooked foods when walking in through the door is heaven especially when you are so hungry. This also helps prevent snacking on unhealthy snacks because your meal is ready to dish up!

If time is restricted first thing in the morning, then why not chop all the ingredients up the night before and leave it in a container in the fridge overnight. All you then need to do is turn the slow cooker on low, chuck all the ingredients into one pot, give it a stir, place the lid on and that is it, leave it to cook slowly all day.

Slow cooking for long periods of time does not destroy more nutrients, in fact the lower the temperature may help preserve nutrients that can be lost when food is cooked rapidly at a high heat.

There are so many things you can do with a slow cooker such as cook a whole chicken, Stews, casseroles, curries, spaghetti Bolognese, soups- could cook a soup overnight so it is ready in the morning fresh for lunch time!

The use of electricity with a slow cooker is cheaper than an oven. A stew in the slow cooker uses only 300 watts per hour compared to an oven that uses around 4,000 watts and is also much greener!
Not only are you saving on electricity, but you can also get away with buying cheaper cuts of meat which tenderizes in the slow cooker. This is due to the low temperature for several hours which allows the collagen and connective tissues to have a chance to soften, which therefore tenderizes the meat.
Everyone can master meals with a slow cooker since nearly all the ingredients in the recipe are required to add all at the same time.

Safety to leave unattended
YES! They are all designed to be left unattended and with a maximum wattage of 300 that is equivalent to leaving three 100-watt light bulbs running and almost impossible to burn your food due to the low heat.

You can find loads of recipes in the Slimming 2 Success members portal area. Why not try and experiment this could be your answer to easy home cooked healthy foods ready as soon as you get back from work!