My philosophy

About me:

My nutrition philosophy is about eating well and nourishing your body. A well-balanced bespoke diet means that you can eat a wide range of good, healthy nutritious foods that will heal, nourish and hydrate your body correctly.

I choose the name “The Todd Way” not just because it is my surname but because Todd is the acronym of “Take ownership don’t delay”. We all make excuses for our actions when in fact we are in control of the quality of life we lead. The most important fact is “we only have one chance at life” so treat and feed your body well.

Nutrition is not a “one size fits all” approach that’s why I tailor nutrition specifically to your needs. You will receive a nutrition plan including lots of practical tips along the way that is bespoke to “YOU”.

I provide personalised nutrition support and guidance based on your health needs, dietary requirements and goals you want to set yourself.

Your lifestyle will also be considered during your appointments to support a good nutrition such as relaxation, rest and physical activity.

My role is to provide expert evidence-based guidance that will support you to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes appropriate to you.

Training and experience:

I started in the weight loss business because I was overweight and needed to lose 3 stone and suffered many health conditions such as asthma, IBS, allergies to dust, perfume and my health generally was not good! I felt amazing after losing 3 stone and wanted to help others achieve what I had achieved. I started my own franchised business back in 2006 as a Rosemary Conley franchisee running 9- 12 group fitness and weight loss sessions every week for 8 years. I then went onto study a master’s degree in exercise and nutrition science at the University of Chester in 2012. I was fortunate to have presented my research at the European Obesity Summit in Sweden in 2016. I have since worked as a visiting lecturer at the University of Chester and Kidderminster College as well as volunteering as the chair for BANT (British Association for nutrition and lifestyle medicine) in the Midlands area organising events since 2017.

I am currently studying for an MSc in nutritional therapy at the University of Worcester to widen my knowledge to support the passion I have to help others.