We all know that being in-active is bad for us, but what are the other benefits of exercise apart from improving your fitness levels.

Exercise helps you perform better in day to day activities

Physically fit individuals problem solve better than sedentary people, they typically think faster and deal with stressful situations more effectivity. Fitter people tend to see daily activities as less of a chore.

Increase your energy levels and vitality

Often sedentary people complain of lacking energy. Even modest levels of exercise are proven to increase energy levels and vitality.

Improve your self confidence

One of the reasons people don’t join exercise clubs is through a lack of self-confidence however most find that once they join a club and start exercising regularly and see positive improvements to their muscle tone, stamina and strength it gives increased self-confidence and sense of wellbeing.

Improve your mood

Exercise releases happy endorphins into the body. Studies have shown that people with depression who have been forced to exercise has lifted their mood.

Sleep Better

People who exercise tend to get to sleep quicker than others and get a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

Make new friends

As many people have found in my classes they have met new friends and gained access to a wider social circle.